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MR Boombastic Collab.Song
Mr boombastic
Dancing like a spastic
Call me ro-man-tic
Call me a romantic
Im bringin mah chapstick
For my wife's dinertastic
But she's  made of plastic
And isn't enthusiastic
Her mind is pretty much elastic
She tends to be sarcastic
Which makes it very drastic
Coz shes a gymnastic
:iconbeautifulloneliness:BeautifulLoneliness 1 17
Missing you
The days that pass
The clouds that weep
The flowers that I lay at your feet
The promises I made
The lies I told
The lines were blurred but were always so bold
In another life
In another dream
In another past these things would gleam
I'd take it all back
If only I could
And treat you better, I definitely would…
But it's too late now
As I lower my head
And they place your body with the rest of the dead…
:iconuturn190:uturn190 5 37
Once there was a time when you felt free
Even through the dark days you could see
Hope and trust came easily and doubt was not a choice
The time went by and you grew, shearching for happiness
Though little and few
You held on to what you knew
Then came the darkest of days
Something was lost and you knew
You heart had been broken through & through
Now things will never look the same
Mistrust and hurt had their way
Changing perceptions and the heart
Now things always seem to be dark
Faltering footsteps that go in circles
Searching for what you lost
But you search in vain
Maybe someday in another place
You'll find your way...
It will take time to get beyond the past
Maybe that Once, will it forever last?
I want to see a better way
But somehow I push others away
Is it for the best or was it true
You have a Once, deep inside of you
:iconseekingmysoul:seekingmysoul 19 21
Love and hate
I shrug off the pain
One more stain
Another excuse
We're so obtuse
It was my fault
Give it time to heal
It's another moment that we steal
Push and pull like the tide
We walk away then we ride
Running in circles
The bruises will fade
Another memory we'd give anything to trade
Seductive the way we lie
I can't look you in the eye
We both know how this will end
Either dead or needing revenge
You'd think we'd be able to run away
But we can't get enough so we stay
Forward momentum, that's not us
We try too hard, make too much fuss
You'd think we'd finish and be done
But we're drawn back, we can't run
I love you and hate you with every breath
You pull me back and I know it's death
I can't seem to quit
Every punch deserves another kick
And we're back to where we started
Both of us so broken hearted
Let me go and I will free us both
But we know it's another lie right?
It's the pain that keeps us
Free falling in and out of loss
I stand here and wait for the end
You and I? We never bend
The hands
:iconferelwing:Ferelwing 32 20
mixed emotions by plastickheart mixed emotions :iconplastickheart:plastickheart 966 156 Lets Run by BeautifulLoneliness Lets Run :iconbeautifulloneliness:BeautifulLoneliness 16 19 Bird Line by CherishKay Bird Line :iconcherishkay:CherishKay 22 14 Translucent Mood by seekingmysoul Translucent Mood :iconseekingmysoul:seekingmysoul 29 9 Will it be love? by ooOIndreOoo Will it be love? :iconoooindreooo:ooOIndreOoo 1,670 242 the mystery of time by Kjinor the mystery of time :iconkjinor:Kjinor 2,142 245
Uncontrolled, as volcanic sudden might
Hidden, in the closeness of the night
Focused, with prismatic concentration
Resolving, on a flood of dedication
Scattered, wild feathers in a storm
Broken, like the promises now torn
Capricious, teasing memories from the past
Soulful, like the love that never lasts
Intertwining, weaving guilt into the shame
Relenting, justifying your own blame
Seeking, to atone and make amends
Curving, like a road with many bends
Sealing, like a lid that shuts them tight
Doubting, that perhaps you were not right
Slinking, like a predatory beast
Slavering, hollow-bellied at the feast
Forgiving, as a blessing high from God
Admonishing, like a parent with a rod
Jealous, like the green-eyed monster howl
Envious, forces out reluctant scowl
Knowing, all the promises we made
Remembering, like the flowers that we laid
Softly, as an understanding hug
Vicious, like emotion-wrenching tug
Regretting, for the things we not had done
Closure, like the dying of the sun
Sadness, f
:iconcreaking-door:creaking-door 9 38
Still Moving by BeautifulLoneliness Still Moving :iconbeautifulloneliness:BeautifulLoneliness 7 16



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United Kingdom
Pictures and Words say alot about me, as do the extensive use of emoties! ..x.. :happybounce:
But each picture and poem/story is different,
Which makes me a very confuzzling person (;

Current Residence: A sparking star of my secret universe.
Favourite cartoon character: Tom and Jerry o.o .. Pinky and the Brain!! XDD
Personal Quote: -x-..Nothing is Anything without the One thing which makes it Everything..-x-

I passed my driving test! First time!! No one else in my family has done that! So, for that reason, I feel vair proud of myself (=
I've finally done something right
Even though I won't be getting a car
Well, if I do, I certainly won't be getting insured, [coz it costs a bomb -->new driver, young bla bla bla]
Buuut, if that does happen, I really doubt I'll be going anywhere anyway xD
Ah well, at least thats over with now
One less thing for my mom to nag me about
and one less thing for myself to worry about :giggle:
Maybe I should get a sheep! :iconfeelingfreeplz:
Yeahh, that's what I'll do =D


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